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AV-Test and AV-Comparatives give Sophos Mobile Security 100%

AV-Comparatives recently tested 250 Android security apps available on the Google Play Store against 2,000 of the most common Android threats from 2018. The test was designed to simulate real-world conditions and help Android users identify genuine, effective antivirus apps in a space where there’s no shortage of buggy, dubious or ineffective options.

We were delighted to see Sophos Mobile Security pass with flying colors, detecting all of the malware samples with 100% accuracy and no false detections.

One test doesn’t make a perfect product, and neither does two, but we were equally delighted when AV-Test reviewed Sophos Mobile Security and gave it a maximum score too.

Like the AV-Comparatives test, the AV-Test evaluation was designed to simulate real-world conditions. Instead of using the biggest threats from last year though, it challenged Sophos Mobile Security to fend of the very latest Android threats.

The test also recognised the crucial importance of usability on mobile platforms by checking the software’s impact on battery life, traffic and performance, and whether or not it generated false warnings during the installation and use of legitimate apps.

It triumphed in both aspects of the test, scoring 100% for both protection and usability.

Sophos is a strong advocate for thorough independent testing of cybersecurity products. It helps customers choose what’s right for their environment, and it pushes vendors to constantly improve the protection in their technology.

We encourage businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of a product using multiple independent data points and we are delighted that both AV-Comparatives and AV-Test have given Sophos Mobile Security top marks.

Sophos Mobile Security is available for free in unmanaged mode from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Business customers can license the software for centralized management, deployment, reporting, and more integrations.

To see how Sophos Mobile Security fits into your business, start your 30-day free trial today.

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