Sophos Mobile and Google Cloud Identity
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Sophos Mobile gets in sync with Google Cloud Identity

Onboarding new devices to management policy controls includes the important step of user authentication. That’s why we’re excited to be one of the launch partners for Google Cloud’s new secure LDAP feature, launched today at Google Next London.

Sophos Mobile customers now have the option to validate their users’ identities with G Suite and Google Cloud Identity.

For organisations using G Suite or Google Cloud Identity, this will dramatically simplify the enrolment process for new devices. Sophos Mobile will use Google’s new secure LDAP implementation to validate users dynamically, during enrolment.

Google will be rolling out secure LDAP to Cloud Identity and G Suite customers in the coming weeks. Sophos customers running their own Sophos Mobile management server can take advantage of it with the release of Sophos Mobile 8.6 later this month.

If you aren’t already a Sophos Mobile customer and you’re wondering how best to secure and manage your mobile fleet, check out Sophos Mobile.

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