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Sophos Mobile: Day zero support for iOS 12

Sophos Mobile is ready to protect Apple's latest version of iOS today.

Apple’s iOS 12 is being released to the public today, and the great news is that Sophos Mobile already supports it. As soon as your users upgrade to the latest versions of the operating system we will be protecting them.

For more information about the features of iOS 12, take a look at Apple’s iOS product page.

If you’re managing Sophos Mobile via Sophos Central you can now control when iOS updates are installed, with the option to delay updates for up to 90 days should any custom application testing be required before roll out. If you’re running your own Sophos Mobile server you can also use the same controls once you’ve upgraded to Sophos Mobile 8.5.

Whenever you’re ready to update to iOS 12, Sophos Mobile is ready for you.

Image retrieved from Apple.


It actually doesn’t work. No restrictions are applied to the devices running iOS 12. All have to be manually configured


Hi Raymond, Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. You can get help at the support forum:


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