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Fantastic Friday Facts #7 – Sophos Security Day Belgium 2019

Sophos Security Day Belgium is a fact! On November 14th, the seventh edition of the Sophos Security Day will be organized at Den Berg in Londerzeel, Belgium. Previous years, hundreds of vendors and IT-Resellers came together to gather knowledge about the latest trends & developments within the cyber security sector, what Sophos’ vision is and of course, we arrange delicious food and drinks for you. All together, a meaningful day in which you learn from cyber security experts and where you’ll experience some nice surprises!

A small Friday fact

83% of IT managers say malware threats are harder to stop compared to last year. Why? Because cyber criminals connect multiple techniques in their advanced attacks, but most security products still work in isolation.

It’s time to evolve. And evolving is difficult, but we would like to help you by giving some concrete and practical tips & tricks for daily usage. Make sure you stay ahead of those cyber criminals!

The program is currently under development and will be updated frequently, so you’ll be up to date about the latest speakers and topics. Of course, we’re not going to expose everything yet as we would like to have a few small surprises still in place for you during the day itself. However, as the program is not finished yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t register! You definitely can via this link.

We hope to see you on November 14th at Den Berg in Londerzeel from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m. See you there!

Ps. Here a short summary of the latest Sophos day:

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