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Another milestone for Sophos’ managed detection and response (MDR) service

Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR) now protects more than one million devices.

This month marks the two-year anniversary of the launch of Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR), our 24/7 human-led threat hunting, detection, and response service.

As we celebrate, we are excited to announce another milestone: Sophos MTR now protects more than one million devices!

This impressive achievement follows substantial growth in the number of organizations that rely on Sophos MTR to keep them safe from cyber threats. We’ve seen more than 500% growth since August 2020, when we announced that Sophos MTR had eclipsed the 1,000-customer mark. Now, we protect more than 6,000 customers.

This exceptional growth rate is a testament to the threat hunting and remediation expertise of our global, 24/7 team.

What is driving so many organizations to choose Sophos Managed Threat Response?

  • Industry-best expertise: Finding and retaining skilled staff is a huge challenge for organizations of all sizes. In fact, according to a 2020 survey of 5,000 global IT managers, 81% of organizations said their ability to find and retain skilled IT security professionals is a major challenge to their ability to deliver IT security – with more than a quarter saying it’s their “single biggest challenge.” Sophos MTR provides peace of mind that you’re backed by an industry-best team of security experts who are working 24/7 to protect your organization. They’ve seen and stopped it all, and they’ve got you protected – all at a lower total cost compared to building similar functionality in-house.
  • Ransomware: It’s no surprise that the single biggest threat driving interest in Sophos MTR is ransomware. The statistics behind ransomware are shocking. In the past year, 37% of organizations were hit with ransomware, and criminals were able to successfully succeed in encrypting victims’ data more than half the time. Unfortunately, even for organizations who pay the ransom, on average only 65% of the encrypted data is restored, which is why it’s increasingly important to neutralize attacks before the adversaries achieve their goals. With an average recovery bill for a ransomware attack of $1.85M (considering downtime, people time, device cost, network cost, lost opportunity, and ransom paid), the business decision to go with a managed detection and response (MDR) provider like Sophos MTR is very clear.
  • Hands-on-keyboard response: Many MDR providers simply notify customers of attacks or suspicious events, which means it’s then up to the customers to manage things on their own. Sophos MTR stands apart from other services by providing targeted hands-on-keyboard response for all customers to stop attacks before damage can occur. It’s the “R” in “MDR” – and it’s available at no additional cost.
  • We’re part of your team: Sophos MTR customers love to tell us that they feel like we’re part of their in-house team. Continual communication and openness strengthens a real partnership, helping each customer improve their broader security posture. For example, if one of our customers is concerned about a particular threat – perhaps because a peer in another organization was impacted – they can reach out to the MTR team and we’ll start a threat hunt to ensure they’re safe.

The best news is that we’re just getting started! We continue to expand our global team and further develop our world-leading detection and response capabilities in partnership with the experts in SophosLabs and SophosAI.

To discuss how Sophos MTR can support your organization, speak to your Sophos representative or request a call back. In the meantime, catch up on the latest MTR research and casebooks.

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