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A milestone for Managed Threat Response

Security services bestow organizations with the security expertise they desperately need to combat ever-increasingly capable threat actors, as illustrated by the momentum in uptake of our Managed Threat Response service.

It has been less than 11 months since the launch of Sophos Managed Threat Response, our 24/7 human-led threat hunting, detection, and response service.

Our performance in that time is proof that our strategy of fusing technology, people, and process to act as an extension of organizations’ security and IT teams is a winning one. And we’re just getting started.

It gives me immense pride to announce that we have just surpassed 1,000 customers defended by Sophos MTR, underlining the profound need for security expertise across all verticals, industries, and sectors.

Against the chaotic backdrop of social and economic pressures brought on by the pandemic, those in the IT profession have continued to achieve the seemingly impossible: do more with less, in isolation.

Supporting remote workforces to achieve their goals both effectively and safely is a monumental task. Before this pandemic, there was already a global shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals: an estimated workforce gap of 4.07 million. Securing an organization has never been a trivial matter, and the current climate has only worsened the impact of this shortage.

As a leader in cybersecurity across endpoint, network, and cloud, we are incredibly fortunate. Where most organizations struggle to both hire and retain security professionals, we are resilient to these struggles due to the sheer scale at which we operate.

When our staff walk over to the (albeit now virtual) water cooler, they talk security with other security people. When they’re in need of guidance, they can talk directly with industry veterans and experts within MTR, SophosLabs, and across our whole organization.

When they’re looking for a new challenge, that challenge already exists within our various research, development, and service groups, as well as within the diversity of our customer landscape. It’s an environment that attracts and hones the best operators in the industry, and that provides a virtuous circle of optimizations between technology and those human operators.

It is an honor to be afforded the trust and responsibility to assist in defending so many organizations across the globe in such a short space of time. This is an important milestone for us, one that enables us to protect more customers than ever in an ever-more effective fashion. But our achievement to date is just the beginning.

– JL

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