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Half of users click on dodgy links. You just don’t know which half

50% of employees admit to clicking links from unknown senders. But which 50%? It's time for a targeted approach to cybersecurity training.

Teaching users with simulated phishing attacks and training is half the battle in the race against phishing attacks. But what about the real test for users? The phishing emails, the unverified USBs, the ones that cripple the customer database on a Sunday at 1am?

Sophos Phish Threat now offers a breakthrough in cybersecurity training with Sophos Synchronized Security. By connecting Sophos Email and Phish Threat, we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding those riskier users in your organization – those who need a more targeted approach to training.

A breakthrough in cybersecurity training

50% of employees* admit having clicked on an email link from an unknown sender in the last 6 months that turned out to be malware or a scam. Regular attack simulations and security awareness training make all the difference, with existing Phish Threat customers able to reduce susceptibility to attack by 31% in just four tests (that’s opening and still clicking to you and me).

But while you train all users on cyberthreats, how do you find and train the weakest links in your organization?

Sophos Synchronized Security now lets you do that by connecting Sophos Email and Phish Threat. It helps you identify users who regularly click malicious links or violate other security policies, and lets you enroll them directly into targeted training.

Sophos Email and Phish Threat

Available now, Sophos Email Advanced is the first Secure Email Gateway to feed intelligence directly to a security awareness training solution for the best results.

The new Sophos Email Advanced At Risk Users report highlights which users are clicking email links rewritten by Time-of-Click URL protection, and identifies those who have either been warned or blocked from visiting a website due to its risk profile. You can then enroll those users in Phish Threat simulations and security awareness training with one click – increasing their threat awareness and reducing risk.

Take the guesswork out of training today

The greatest risk from attackers is not individual campaigns, but instead connected attacks, where vehicles like phishing are used to first penetrate your defenses.

Sophos is already the only vendor to offer a layered security defense, with protection at every point of the attack chain. Synchronized Security goes beyond that to take the guesswork out of finding those users who need a more targeted approach to training. Find out more about Sophos Email and Sophos Phish Threat today, and take the 30 day free trial.

*Source: Research for Sophos was carried out by RWB between 14/09/2018 and 17/09/2018 amongst a panel resulting in 1,010 respondents

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