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Phish Threat’s security awareness training gets animated

Real-life cyber threat headlines, Hollywood scripts and great animations come to Phish Threat.

I’ll admit I’m not the most avid reader. The annual holiday-readathon when TV and YouTube are put on pause for 2 weeks is usually as far as I get.

It’s the same when it comes to training or learning new skills. With a choice between wading through notes and attending a lecture or watching a video with real stories and examples, most of us would choose the video every time.

Security awareness training the Sophos way

Phish Threat from Sophos is all about delivering security awareness training in this way – consumable and engaging, with a variety of videos, games and interactive quizzes to make training content memorable.

Combining phishing simulations with security awareness and compliance training modules, we’re able to seize that ‘teachable moment’ directly following someone’s cybersecurity mistake (such as clicking on a simulated phishing email link).

Bringing training to life

Stories help make training resonate, and they inspire us to act – moving training on from you simply ‘knowing’, to you ‘doing’. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest Phish Threat learning partnership with Ninjio.

Ninjio shares our approach of short, engaging training, and its unique style recently scooped it the Gartner Customer Choice award for Computer Based Training 2018. By dramatizing real-life cyber threat headlines, with Hollywood script writers and great animations, Ninjio brings these stories to life for employees.

Launching later this summer, we’re excited to add these great additions to the growing range of Sophos Phish Threat learning videos. Look out for the launch information soon, and, for now, take a sneak peek at Ninjio’s latest work…

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