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Phish Threat: upgrade your staff

Seamless, integrated and engaging training

Phishing has been a go-to tactic for criminals for decades but it remains as likely to keep your sysadmins awake at night as any 0-day or APT.

Even advanced threats like ransomware still rely on phishing to get into your network. Phishing works because it’s hard to defend against. The right software is a vital part of your strategy of defence-in-depth but ultimately it’s your staff that sit on the front line.

You know that ensuring your users can identify malicious emails and protect themselves against social engineering attacks is vital, but you also know that it’s really hard, right?


Sophos Phish Threat 2.0 is an enterprise-grade upgrade for your staff.

With 41% of IT professionals now reporting at least daily phishing attacks, but 62% of organizations still failing to test user awareness, Phish Threat is all about making it easy for you to test, assess and educate users to identify malicious emails. With it you can:

  • Emulate basic and advanced phishing attacks
  • Easily create relevant campaigns and send them in minutes
  • Run effective training modules so users learn from their mistakes
  • Get comprehensive reporting that covers individual to organizational levels

You get the benefits of our best ever reporting dashboard, along with full integration into Sophos Central, providing the simplest way to extend protection across your network and endpoints.

Your end users get the seamless, interactive and engaging training they need to upgrade themselves against the latest phishing tactics.

Find out more, and start your free trial today!

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Phish Threat 2.0 looks great, but the granularity is missing, which is nice in the “original” phish threat, namely in regards to manager notification ect. Is this coming in Phish Threat 2.0 soon?


Hi Tim, thanks for the feedback. We’re not planning on adding it back in at the moment but we will look into it.


That’s fine, but you have changed the product and its capability. As an existing customer this no longer suits all my needs. A full road map would be appreciated. Any timeline on training only campaigns?


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