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Stunning new Phish Threat modules

Phish Threat is backing you with 30 new training modules now, and fresh new ones every month.

Who’s responsible for cybersecurity at work? Is it the security team, the employees or a mix of both?

And, perhaps most importantly of all, does everyone in your organization agree?

A recent study commissioned by Sophos revealed that six out of ten employees feel more relaxed about IT security at work than at home, with 45% of people admitting that they don’t feel responsible for IT security at work.

Company security policies are designed to create a safe workplace for all employees. Those policies are often developed by a security team with years of experience, but policies only work if they’re adhered to. No matter how good your security team is, it’s relying on everyone else to make it their responsibility to maintain a safe workplace by following its policies. Helping employees to learn and understand those policies is vitally important.

The workplace isn’t a homogeneous whole though, it’s a collection of individuals with different personalities and learning styles. If everyone receives the same training content, don’t be surprised if the message doesn’t sink in everywhere.

New award-winning security training

Sophos Phish Threat is here to make security awareness training stick.

Phish Threat covers a wide range of topics from general or role-based security awareness to regulatory compliance, in a variety of engaging formats. It makes use of videos, interactive modules and gamification in a mix of visual styles to ensure that everyone gets the message.

Today, we’re excited to announce that our range of training has grown. Thanks to our latest Phish Threat learning partnership with Ninjio, we’ve added over 30 new training modules, plus we’re growing Phish Threat by one new module every month!

Ninjio shares our approach of short, engaging training, and its unique style recently scooped it the Gartner Customer Choice award for Computer Based Training 2018. By dramatizing real-life cyber threat headlines, with Hollywood script writers and great animations, Ninjio brings stories to life.

See for yourself:

The freshest content

With all that training at your fingertips, your employees should be cybersecurity ninjas in no time. But to truly test their new-found skills, Phish Threat also provides more than 500 customizable attack email templates in nine languages. And new templates are being added every week, so to help we’ve made it easier to find the latest content fast.

Featured templates

The latest phishing attacks and seasonal campaigns train users to identify real-world attacks hitting their inboxes today, as well as the seasonal campaigns they need to know about.

Sophos Phish Threat Featured templates

New templates

New templates are automatically applied to every Phish Threat account. The New flag allows you to quickly find the most recently added templates, to help keep things interesting for your employees.

Sophos Phish Threat New templates

Five stars from customers

Our latest independent customer reviews show how easy it is to get started, and the almost immediate impact that Phish Threat is having on reducing risk.

The cloud offering was extremely easy to deploy. The training exercises and videos were extremely relevant, engaging and just the right length.

You can start educating your employees today with our free anti-phishing toolkit.

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