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Sophos ranks #1 for endpoint protection by SE Labs

Intercept X Advanced makes the top of the table in its first public testing.

Sophos Intercept X Advanced was the top-ranked solution for both enterprise endpoint protection and small business endpoint protection in the new SE Labs endpoint protection test report (Apr-Jun 2018). Sophos received a 99% protection accuracy rating, 100% legitimate accuracy rating and 100% total accuracy rating. Each of these scores were the highest in the test.

This is the first time the combination of Intercept X and Central Endpoint Advanced (Intercept X Advanced) has been tested publicly and we are delighted with the results.

SE Labs tested endpoint solutions on their abilities to stop targeted and live, in-the-wild attacks in real time, as well as their false positive impacts. According to the SE Labs test:

Sophos Intercept X Advanced blocked all of the public and targeted attacks. It also handled the legitimate applications correctly.

As a result, SE Labs awarded Sophos Intercept X Advanced its AAA award for both enterprise and small business protection.

Sophos was also recently ranked #1 for malware protection and exploit protection by MRG Effitas. The endpoint protection in Intercept X Advanced is driven by the combination of deep learning, anti-exploit capabilities, anti-ransomware technology, and other modern endpoint protection techniques – all paired with our foundational endpoint security technology.

Like Sophos, SE Labs is an active member of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO). In fact, SE Labs were the first testing organization to achieve AMTSO Standard compliance.

You can download the full SE Labs reports below:

SE Labs Enterprise Endpoint Protection

SE Labs Small Business Endpoint Protection


A study by Sophos, hosted at Sophos just so happens to rank Sophos the best, even though a majority of the sysadmin community would like to disagree?

Legit laugh from me.


The study was not commissioned nor Influenced by Sophos. We saw the results for the first time the same day the report was publicly released. Also, the report is hosted by SE Labs.


Couldnt agree more. The thing that made me laugh was that this ‘indipendant’ organisation has decided to test the latest Sophos EDR technology for performance vs Legacy Signature-based platforms from competitors. Would be like Tesla testing their new model against a V8 Ford Mustang for MPG.


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