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Take a tour of Sophos Central’s Endpoint and Intercept X Protection

Hit the ground running with our endpoint features in Sophos Central.

There are numerous things you can do with Sophos Central, our cloud-based management platform. You can manage networking products, mobile devices, phishing training and more. You’d think with so much functionality it would be complicated, but as happy customer Igor Bovio explains, it’s easy to use:

With Sophos Central, the IT system is able to respond to cyber attacks with a simple click.

More than 90% of our Sophos Central customers already combine it with some form of endpoint product, whether it’s our Endpoint Advanced offering or Intercept X.

For first-time customers logging into Sophos Central, and for those who just want a refresher, we’ve created a 12-minute guided video tour that provides a quick overview of the Sophos Central platform. It walks through how to set up various endpoint policies, offers advice for getting end users into the system, and covers how to deploy the all-in-one software agent onto those users’ machines.

Think of Sophos Central as a theme park: you can burst through the gates and head right for the roller coaster, or you can hop on the trolley and take a little tour first. For those of you looking to get a lay of the land, we hope this video serves you well. Enjoy!

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