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At Sophos, we want our users to have the powerful protection they enjoy at work, at home.

There’s an increasing amount of time and attention focused on keeping our business data protected with the latest and greatest technologies, yet many users have only basic protection at home. This leaves personal data with weak defenses against the same types of attacks that businesses face.

But, at Sophos, we want our users to have the powerful protection they enjoy at work, at home. Which is why we are pleased to announce the launch of Sophos Home Premium.

Sophos Home Premium delivers advanced, real-time protection powered by a host of technologies from our Intercept X and Central Endpoint Advanced business offerings, as well as remote management for up to 10 PCs or Macs.

As with all our products, Sophos Home is designed for ease-of-use and simplicity.

Sounds good, but you’re not sure you want to commit? No problem, Sophos Home users can try out the Premium features free for 30-days.

Once the trial is over you can decide whether you want to upgrade to Sophos Home Premium, at $50 (€40, £40) per year, or stay with the features found in Sophos Home Free. Both versions will continue to receive updates from our engineers and SophosLabs.

We’ve been offering cybersecurity tools for home users for well over a decade, and Sophos Home Premium is just another logical step in increasing security everywhere.

To learn more head over to the Sophos Home site.


The only way I’d pay for any home solution is one that has RestAPI support so I can get logs. While I appreciate the cloud management, it’s not very useful for proper logging, auditing and accounting to know exactly what was detected a where. Additionally, it seems silly to pay for an EDR solution to run on up to two Server OS (Hyper-V permits one to virtualized with Standard) when I have this in my lab as a developer testing these.

You may be at the top of the Gartner quadrant but you won’t stay there when I have other security controls that all I need is an EDR solution with essentially HIPS. I don’t need web filtering or email filtering when I have better solutions from Meraki/Palo Alto/CrowdStrike Falcon-RedCanary and O365. I just don’t find value in that and your dealers don’t want to sell such a small amount of licensing. I guess I’ll need to find another vendor that is “Community based” as most successful and mature solutions are that partner with those that promote and mature the product, not just sell it.


Hi. I’ve been using Sophos Home free. When I signed up, I could use 10 devices. The new Sophos Home free only support 3 devices. Will my account be downgraded to 3 devices?


Does the Premium account let you install on 10 devises weather they be a MAC OR PC? Or is it restricted to a Mac or PC license?


Hi Kathy, You can install on either Mac or PCs, you don’t need a separate account for each.


It would be good to see Sophos Home Premium upgraded to have the same level of functionality as its Windows counterpart. It feels as if Mac users are losing out at the moment.


Hi Mark,
Totally understand the feeling, but we are working on more Mac features and functionality for Sophos Home Premium, so keep your eyes peeled.


Does Sophos home premium integrate with Sophos XG home like central management/endpoint protection?


Hi, no it doesn’t. You can run both, but you just have to install them separately.


Can you clarify this? If we were to subscribe to Sophos Home Premium and were to install Sophos XG Home Firewall, would there be an option (paid or free) to use the Advanced Threat Protection and Security Heartbeat functionality that is found in the paid version of XG? Being able to have Sophos automatically isolate a compromised system on a home network would be an AMAZING feature to have.


There isn’t the option at the moment to do this. I’ll send your feedback to the product team though for input to future versions :-)


Who decided I had an account with Sophos when I haven’t even heard of it? I’ve just had an email telling me my trial features end in five days. I haven’t got this software. Glad I found this blog.


Will Security Heartbeat (and ability to take action) be available for licensed Sophos XG firewall security appliances? I would move to Sophos premium at home but have not due to the lack of integration (still like and will continue to use the XG product line). Maybe tell the product team the customer said please?

And to counter negative comments, thanks for a great product. Others in the Info Sec community appreciate what you do!


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