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Sophos Home detects 100% of Mac malware in independent tests!

Sophos HomeMac malware is on the rise. While Apple does provide system protection for MacOS Sierra, dangerous infections that can wreak havoc are consistently being developed and deployed by cybercriminals. That’s why we created Sophos Home to protect every Mac in your home with business-grade security.

To show you just what Sophos Home is made of independent testing lab AV-Test put it to the test, along with 11 other MacOS security tools. Our free commercial-grade home security was able to detect 100 percent of the Mac malware the testing lab threw at it, placing us at the top of the pack! Plus, it fully removed all the malware samples.


Read the full report to find out how we did in all areas of the testing. And, most importantly, ensure your Mac stays ahead of the threats – download Sophos Home for FREE today!

Sophos Home image courtesy of AV-Test


It does not. I tested several TA’s and recent variants that I see every day. Why don’t you permit me to prove it by providing malware analysts access to a dev portal to submit results. If you prefer, I can send them over to CrowdStrike and Payload Security instead?

I do not desire I trial for 30 days, that’s a waste of my time to only help you. I don’t ask to be compensated but I would expect a proper developer limited licensing with API support. At the moment, it’s really just an EDR because one input anything in OpenIOC/STIX nor is there any mapping to MITRE, nor do I see a means to implement my own YARA detections!

Provide me a dev limited version and I will provide new samples to detect on that you missed and some vendors catch, sometimes none!


We don’t build “limited versions” of our products. If you want a 100% free incarnation of our virus scanner that you can run in a VM to see what we detect, then you can run any or all of these: Sophos Home (Windows or Mac), Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux, and Sophos XG Firewall. (FYI: Sophos Anti-Virus for Limux is free both for home and work.)

To submit missed samples, simply use a script to email them to:


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