Sophos Home reviews: “Simple,” “amazing” and “awesome”

Sophos HomeSophos Home, our free security solution for the whole family, has been available for a few months now, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

The home IT heroes and professional sysadmins who’ve tried Sophos Home have been “very impressed,” with some saying it’s “amazing” that we’re giving everyone a commercial-grade security product for free.

Professional reviewers from respected tech publications like PC Magazine and ZDNet have put Sophos Home to the test and their reviews are equally positive.

Here’s what the reviewers and users of Sophos Home are saying so far.

PC Magazine

“Very good scores from independent labs. Excellent scores in our anti-phishing and malicious URL blocking tests. Simple, clean interface. Powerful remote monitoring and management. Protects Windows or Mac systems.”

PC Magazine gave Sophos Home an Editor Rating of “Excellent,” noting that “labs love it” because of how well Sophos Home performs in third-party anti-malware, anti-phishing and performance tests.

Sophos Home “turned in an excellent performance” in tests measuring how well it blocks malicious URLs of websites hosting malware and phishing sites.

PC Magazine commented favorably on Sophos Home’s ease-of-use and remote management capability, saying the dashboard “exhibits a pleasant simplicity.”


“I’ve been testing Sophos Home for a couple of weeks now and I’ve found it to be easy to use, reliable, and not heavy on system resources. It’s also picked up on every bit of malware that I’ve been able to throw at it. And to top that off, Sophos Home will never nag you to upgrade to a paid product.”

ZDNet’s review remarked on how easy it is to install Sophos Home on your PCs and Macs: just sign up for an account, download Sophos Home, and you’re done!

ZDNet says the ability to manage security for up to 10 computers is an “awesome feature.”

Simply send a link from the dashboard to anyone whose computer security you want to manage (family, friends, neighbors), and you can monitor their security from your Sophos Home account using any web browser.

Sophos Home automatically protects computers against viruses, phishing websites and malicious downloads. You’ll get an alert in the dashboard about cleaned-up threats, blocked websites, and potentially unwanted applications (PUAs).


Users just like you

There’s another feature of Sophos Home that’s getting rave reviews from users – it’s great for protecting your kids with built-in web filtering that allows you to block inappropriate websites.

“Needless to say, Sophos has gone above and beyond again. I love the fact that I can monitor and manage machines right from a web interface. You can actually apply machine specific internet filters as well if you have kids that have their own computer or you don’t want them going to certain sites.” – Brian C., Network Administrator

People just love how easy it is to install and use Sophos Home.

The download and install is quick and easy and the interface is simple to understand and use. The value of this system is priceless as it protects your computers from the elements out there. Thanks Sophos for making another great product! – DeWayne N., Small Business Owner

And the fact that Sophos Home is totally free is impressive (and surprising) to many users.

Super easy to install and an amazing amount of functionality, especially for a free product. You could have easily charged for this, but it’s amazing that you didn’t!! :) – Spiceworks Member Kaiju Nexus

As ZDNet says: “Why pay for a home antivirus solution where you can get excellent protection for absolutely nothing?”

Plus, we’ll never nag you with ads or require you to “upgrade” to a paid version. Free means free!

Visit to get signed up, and start protecting the whole family.

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