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Sophos ZTNA – free early access

Sophos ZTNA is gearing up for launch in early January, but you can participate in our early access program now – for free.  This will give you a head start on the new year while also helping make this release the best it can be.

Sophos ZTNA offers a number of compelling advantages over other ZTNA solutions on the market:

  • It’s managed from Sophos Central – the most trusted cybersecurity cloud management platform
  • It’s integrated with Sophos Intercept X – the world’s best next-gen endpoint protection, offering you a single-client solution if using both products
  • It utilizes Synchronized Security – the best cross-product threat detection and response system that automates your protection
  • It provides the best end-to-end protection – for your users, applications, network, and endpoints

Sign up today for the EAP to get started providing secure access to your applications.

If you’re wondering about the advantages of ZTNA compared to old-school remote-access VPN, we’ve put together a nice overview for you: Top Six Advantages of ZTNA.

If you have any unanswered questions about ZTNA, be sure to check our FAQ and take advantage of our product documentation and training.

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