Intercept X named Best Small Business Endpoint Security Solution by SE Labs

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Intercept X Advanced has done it again!

Intercept X

SE Labs has awarded Sophos Intercept X Advanced the award for Best Small Business Endpoint Security Solution in their 2019 Annual Report. The award was based on top rated performances from months of in-depth tests, including malware found in the wild and targeted attacks created by SE Labs to mimic current and potential future attacks.

Intercept X Advanced has been awarded a “AAA rating” by SE Labs, the highest rating available, in every public endpoint test it has participated in for both Enterprise and Small Business Endpoint Security Software.

Intercept X Third Party Test Results

Intercept X Advanced is the world’s best endpoint protection. In addition to plaudits by SE Labs, it’s consistently performed at or near the top of multiple third-party tests.

SE Labs

NSS Labs

  • Ranked #1 for Security Effectiveness
  • Ranked #1 for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


  • Ranked #1 for Malware Protection (99.9% detection, 0 false alarms)

MRG Effitas

PC Magazine

  • Editor’s Choice, Best Ransomware Protection for Business 2019


One reason Intercept X excels like this is because it offers multiple layers of security in a single solution and a single agent to deliver unparalleled protection against advanced attacks.

Under the hood, Intercept X integrates deep learning malware detection, anti-exploit technology, active-adversary protection, specific anti-ransomware technology and a host of foundational endpoint security techniques.

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