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How to add threat insight and response to your network

It’s easier than you think.

When I hear about interesting new technologies I start thinking about how I’ll be able to use them and how they’ll be a huge benefit to me… but then the task of the set-up comes to mind and I realize that, actually, it all sounds like a lot of effort.

When it comes to adding Synchronized Security to your network, though, it’s super easy, and can be done without replacing any of your existing IT security infrastructure. That’s right, no rip and replace.

Linking your endpoint and your network, Synchronized Security gives you a clear picture of what’s happening on your network every day, instantly identifies threats and then automatically does something about it when they get in – with Security Heartbeat™ and Synchronized App Control.

How does Synchronized Security work?

The Security Heartbeat™ shares health and threat intelligence between Intercept X and the XG Series to provide at-a-glance health status monitoring as well as automatic real-time response to threats. When a device Heartbeat goes RED, dynamic rules in the XG appliance can automatically cut off that system from other key parts of the network to prevent lateral movement or the leakage of information.

Also, by sharing information on networked applications between our endpoint and firewall products, the Synchronized App Control feature enables you to have visibility and total control over every application running on your network – even rogue, obscure or custom ones – so you can block the apps you don’t want, and prioritize the ones you do.

How do you enable Synchronized Security so easily?

Deploy Intercept X alongside your existing desktop AV, and then add an XG Series appliance to your network… It’s that simple.

To learn more, download the Adding Synchronized Security to your Network solution brief.

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