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Get the most from your XG Firewall

Whether you're new to XG Firewall or an old hand, we've got something for you!

Calling all Sophos XG Firewall users!

The new XG Firewall support page and XG Firewall how-to library are packed with practical resources to help you make the most from your investment in our next-gen firewall. Whether you’re new to XG Firewall or an old hand, we think you’ll find something interesting and useful.

XG Firewall support page

Consider this support page your ‘one-stop-shop’ for essential XG Firewall information. Here you can find links to our community forums and blogs, the XG Firewall Knowledge Base, and product lifecycle information.

It’s also got key resources for getting up and running, like our registration and setup wizard video.

XG Firewall Support

XG Firewall how-to library

Our next-gen firewall is packed with features to help you secure your network, see and control your traffic, and respond to threats automatically.

The XG Firewall how-to library gives you all the information you need to take full advantage of all these great features.

Split into sections based on what you want to do, from getting started and networking to authentication and migration, the page offers a range of resources that help you do things like:

  • Understand the XG Firewall licensing model by reading our licensing guide and FAQs.
  • Learn everything there is to know about reporting with our in-depth Reports Guide.
  • Activate Synchronised Security so your firewall talks to your endpoints.
  • Set up intrusion prevention by watching our easy-to-follow video.

We’ll be updating the content on both these pages on a regular basis so keep checking back.

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