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Your network firewall’s dirty secrets

There are some things your firewall would rather you didn't know

In our recent next-gen firewall series, we covered the evolution of the modern firewall, its failure to provide adequate protection or visibility, and its inability to respond to security incidents.

If you feel like your firewall isn’t meeting your expectations in any of these areas, you’re not alone.

A recent survey of 2,700 IT managers across 10 countries revealed just how pervasive and severe these problems are. Most network firewalls are failing to do their job adequately:

Firewalls are failing to deliver the protection organizations need

  • Organizations are dealing with 10-20 infections per month.
  • 79% of IT managers want better protection from their firewall.
  • Better protection is the #1 desired firewall improvement.

IT Managers can’t tell you how 45% of their bandwidth is consumed

  • On average, 45% of network traffic is going unidentified, so can’t be controlled.
  • 85% of IT managers want their firewalls to deliver better visibility.

Ineffective Firewalls are costing you time and money

  • It takes on average 3.3 hours to identify, isolate, and remediate infected computers.
  • 97% of organisations would likely get their endpoint and firewall protection from the same vendor if it improved detection rates and automated incident responses.

You deserve better

You (and the rest of the industry) deserve better, that’s why we designed XG Firewall with:

  1. Better protection: Our comprehensive security technologies, including deep learning and IPS stop advanced and unknown threats from getting on your network, and from spreading inside it.
  2. Better visibility: Synchronized App Control lets you to see 100% of your network traffic and an intuitive dashboard shows you risky users and behaviors at a glance.
  3. Better threat response: Synchronized Security slashes the 3.3 hours normally required to identify and secure an infected system to just 8 seconds.

To learn more about the survey, watch the video below and read our report, the Dirty Secrets of Network Firewalls.

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