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XG Firewall delivers new levels of insight and management

It’s been a huge few months for XG Firewall with the successful launch of version 17.

The latest version of our next-gen firewall delivers a host of new features alongside significant improvements to existing functionality.

First and foremost it delivers new levels of insight and management.

Organisations have been crying out for a  better understanding of which applications are generating network traffic (our own research revealed that in mid-sized organizations the level of unidentified traffic can be as high as 90%). So we introduced Synchronized App Control in XG Firewall v17,  a breakthrough that provides absolute clarity and control over networked applications.

Firewalls are also notoriously difficult to deploy, configure and manage. That’s why we’ve always endeavored to make XG Firewall stress-free, and why v17 features a ton of advancements – such as easier firewall rule management and an all-new deployment wizard – to make life even easier.

Admins also need to have better insight and visibility into user activity, which is why we added a unified log viewer, and why v17’s more granular logging is so important.

Managing policies can easily become a burden too, so we included our Policy Test Simulator to make troubleshooting firewall rules and policy settings easy. XG Firewall also offers smart lists, and makes custom policies easier to build and maintain with IPS and app control policy enhancements.

But, all of this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out the video below to see just how much XG Firewall has grown:

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