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Sophos Home Premium: what you really think of it

What have our users been saying about Sophos Home Premium?

It’s been just over a month since we launched Sophos Home Premium, but we’ve already received plenty of positive feedback about our business-grade home security.

So, if you’ll indulge us, we wanted to share some of your thoughts:

Jared M., Alberta, Canada

“Easy to setup with an intuitive interface that’s simple and functional.”

David B., Utah, USA

“I love the fact that Sophos cleaned and scanned my registry and cookies in addition to looking for malware and it did so faster than I’ve ever seen anti-malware software scan before.”

Mihaly T., Hungary

“The scan was surprisingly fast.”

Jonas W., British Columbia, Canada

“I really like how simple Sophos is to use and would definitely recommend it.”

Nathan J., Utah, USA

“Sophos brings enterprise grade AV to the home. I have trusted Sophos for years with my business. Keep up the good work Sophos. Thank you!”

Newton I., Port Harcourt, Nigeria

“Sophos Home installation is simple and easy to use and its contents and cleaning mechanism is exceptional.”

Jaymil B., London, UK

“Very easy to install and manage computers.”

Stephen T., Florida, USA

“As an IT professional, I was impressed by the speed and usefulness of the cleaning process. PUPs that are typically benign were not a distraction for the software which worked wonderfully.”

Brendan W., New South Wales, Australia

“UI is intuitive and problems are explained clearly.”

But, don’t just take these users’ words for it, start your free 30-day trial and see how ‘easy’, ‘fast’ and ‘intuitive’ Sophos Home Premium is for yourself.

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