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How easily can a smart home be hacked? James Lyne shows ABC’s Good Morning America

Sophos' James Lyne illustrates the importance of securing Internet of Things devices on ABC's Good Morning America.

With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoS), it feels like everything is tied to the internet now: not just your phones and tablets, but your car, your camera, and for more and more people, your entire house if you have a smart home. We’ve already seen the risks in action – we still remember the attack back in October that used exploits in unsecured devices like baby monitors in a DDoS attack, disrupting service across the web.

Securing your IoT devices is something everyone can and should do – right away. Sophos Cyber Security Advisor James Lyne appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America this morning to demonstrate just how easy it is to hack into a smart home through its devices. He also talked about the steps everyone should take to secure their internet-connected devices – specifically, updating your software and making sure to replace factory-default passwords to ensure your IoT devices are not vulnerable to attack.

We also strongly recommend setting up a second or guest network that’s not connected to your personal or work computers to manage all of your devices. Speaking of work, don’t take your IoT devices to the office or connect them to your employer’s network without permission from IT. Insecure devices could be used by attackers as a foothold into the organization, and used to assist with data stealing and illicit surveillance. You could put your company at risk.

Watch the full story here

And, read our 7 tips for securing the Internet of Things for additional steps to lock down your devices.

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