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Sophos Intercept X – Anti-Ransomware in 60 Seconds

sophos-intercept-x-icon-150It’s been almost a month since we launched our brand new approach to endpoint security, Sophos Intercept X.

Intercept X features signatureless anti-exploit, anti-ransomware and anti-hacker technology that includes visual root-cause analysis and advanced malware cleanup. And it’s all managed via the Sophos Central Admin console.

But how does it detect ransomware?

Find out more in the video below!

Want to know more?

You can learn more about Intercept X over on the site, or if you’d like to try the product yourself, you can sign up for a free trial of Intercept X here.

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Looks great. How would this work if the files being encrypted were on a network drive instead of local?


The CryptoGuard technology in Intercept X will protect the files you open from a network share too….but that doesn’t stop someone without Intercept X on their machine encrypting those files with ransoneware. We’re adding CryptoGuard technology to our server protection product very soon to address exactly that scenario. But in the meantime, Intercept X on all your endpoints is a very good start!


Hi Sophos

Why the last Sophos UI don’t have option found in a modern Security Products?

Don’t have:
1. Options to see the malware detected path.
2. Don’t have option to clean the statistics.
3. Don’t have option to see the update process.
4. Don’t have option to program a schedule scan.
5. Don’t have option to configure the Right click scan actions.
6. Don’t have option to view the scan percent when is launch a Scan.
7. Don’t have options to take actions (clean, delete or move malware).
8. All Hitman Pro Alert options and UI was lost.
9. Don’t have options to see the current property license.
10. Don’t have options to create Exclusions.
11. and a large more and more lost options.

The new UI is a big step forward in the modern UIs.

The programmers need participate in “How to create a modern UI” class.


Thanks for your feedback. Intercept X is managed by Sophos Central, where you’ll find many of the admin controls surfaced. There is a local admin interface for advanced troubleshooting. You might find the Intercept X support community useful for sharing experiences and feedback also


We have Sophos Security Enpoint Security and Control 10.6 installed on our computers at work. Is Intercept X already included?


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