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Independent testing: Intercept X makes the grade

If you read the Sophos Blog, you will undoubtedly be aware of how our next-gen endpoint solution can protect you and your business. Sophos is really proud of Intercept X and genuinely believes it’s the best product of its kind out there.

However, we realise that you may want to hear independent opinions as well, which is why we’re pleased to share ESGs Lab’s report with you.

When carrying out the testing, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) observed Sophos Intercept X’s performance as well as its agility, usability and reliability in detecting and preventing genuine advanced threats and signatureless exploits.

The tests involved:

  • Launching a stack pivoting attack that employed an exploit in a PDF file
  • Emailing a Word document containing real ransomware code from, what appeared to be, that user’s manager
  • Downloading a free report file from the Web, which also downloaded a second file that attempted to zip up the contents of ‘My Documents’ and upload them to a command and control site


And the verdict?

Sophos Intercept X has made excellent progress closing many of the endpoint security gaps that still exist for organizations worldwide.

But, don’t just take their word for it. Try Sophos Intercept X for free!

Image source: ESG Lab ESG Lab First Look: Sophos Intercept X, September 2016

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