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Non-stop Sophos protection during the coronavirus pandemic

SophosLabs, Managed Threat Response, and Global Support Services are operating as normal 24×7.

Following the continued spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe, we’d like to reassure our customers and partners that our ability to protect them is uncompromised. All departments, including threat intelligence, protection, and response from SophosLabs, Managed Threat Response, and Global Support Services are operating as normal to provide 24×7 detection, protection, and technical support. These business units already use a global follow-the-sun delivery strategy that allows Sophos to maintain continuity during the regular course of business and is continually improved as needed.

Sophos also has in place a robust set of technologies that enables the majority of our global employees to work from home. As a precautionary measure, and to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, we have advised employees in countries reporting a rising number of cases to work from home. We are fully enabled to continue day-to-day business, including product development and other important efforts, remotely.

We recognize that many other organizations are requiring employees to work from home and need secure connectivity. Customer information with tips on configuring VPN remote access with XG Firewall is available on our Sophos Community page. This article provides a quick and easy reference guide to getting started and more. We have also published practical security guidance for anyone enabling or exploring remote working.

Sophos is abiding by the ongoing and changing government guidelines and implementing a range of precautionary measures to help reduce the global spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees, partners, and customers. These include restricting both international and domestic business travel for all employees, reducing participation in events, and switching in-person meetings to video conference.

We have established a cross-functional working group to stay coordinated on actions across our global operations, to support employee health and safety while minimizing disruption to our business. We continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation and will update all our employees, partners, and customers with any changes.

We encourage everyone to maintain high cybersecurity vigilance at this difficult time. Cybercriminals are already exploiting coronavirus in their attacks and SophosLabs recently published new research into a Trickbot campaign that targets coronavirus fears in Italy. For quick updates to new findings about these types of attacks, please follow SophosLabs on Twitter.

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