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Next Generation Endpoint 

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Wednesday 22th August 

16.00u – 17.00u Chris McCormack

If You Can’t See It You Can’t Stop It – Network Firewalls Dirty Little Secret

The majority of Network traffic is unidentifiable by network firewalls. Which means ransomware, advanced threats, and adversaries and happily entering your network. Why? Because every firewall on the market uses application signatures to identify traffic passing through the firewall. Except Sophos. We can identify every application passing through the firewall thanks to Synchronized App Control. In this webcast, we’ll look at the problems with firewalls today and what you should be looking for in your next firewall.


Thursday 23th August 

12.00u – 13.00u Andrew Dreier 

Next Generation Firewall

How using a layered approach provides the best protection against the latest generation of threats. How can policies can be quickly created to provide comprehensive protection for your networks and devices, including web protection and application control policies. The webinar also show the industry leading integration with Sophos endpoint solutions, Synchronized security to provide maximum protection a visibility. Finally, the webinar will show the reporting capabilities of the XG firewall, demonstrating how the administrator of the solution always has a front row seat to see what is happening on the network.


Friday 31th August 

15.00u – 16.00u Seth Geftic

The most comprehensive endpoint protection: Intercept X 

With 75% of malware unique to a single organization you need to detect never-seen-before threats now. Join the webinar to discover how Sophos Intercept X leverages multiple advanced technique, including deep learning, anti-ransomware and anti-exploit technology, to stop both known and unknown malware, dead.


Wednesday 5th September 

12.00u – 13.00u Richard Beckett 

Are Your Employees Your Biggest Security Risk? 

Fraudsters are regularly sending phishing emails to business email addresses that contain ransomware and banking Trojans. Integrating social engineering techniques into phishing emails means dangerous emails are harder than ever to spot. So how can you ensure your users are savvy enough to spot the bait? Join the webinar to learn about the dark world of phishing and how you can fight back with Sophos Phish Threat.


Wednesday 12th September

12.00u – 13.00u Matthew Boddy 

Hacking Android: How to find out which apps are spying on you

The webinar will look into analysis techniques you can use on a mobile app to determine what it’s sharing/doing. During this session the focus is on two things, firstly how to simply monitor mobile apps to see if they’re using your mic/camera when they shouldn’t be and secondly how to monitor the data an app is sharing plain text.


Tuesday 18th September

12.00u – 13.00u Paul Longmate 

Next Generation File Encryption 


Wednesday 19th September 

15.00u – 16.00u Anthony Merry/Matt Cooke

The future of IT Security is Synchronized Security

Join the webinar to learn more about this new approach to IT Security. You’ll find out how Synchronized Security: Gives you unprecedented protection against advanced threats, Slashes incident response time by 99,9% and saves IT time and effort every day.

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