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Sophos is growing
Sophos is growing worldwide and also in the Benelux. Our strategy, our good products*  and our enthusiastic and professional team help thrive our growth.
Furthermore Sophos is benefiting from the growing awareness of IT security within a b-2-b environment. With this awareness it is inevitable that customers and re-sellers ask for more support about security and we want to keep providing everyone with the optimal sales support. To make sure that Sophos keeps up with this growing demand and continue delivering quality and speed to our channel, we are expanding our Benelux sales team.

The new and/or expansion in sales functions at Sophos Benelux are Territory Account Mannager (TAM), Channel Account Manager (CAM), Enterprise Account Executive (EAE), Channel Account Executive (CAE). New function: the TAM. It’s main attention lies mainly with renewals and new licenses for customers between 50 and 750 workplaces.

We are glad to announce that the following people have joined or will join our team shortly:
July: Mick Martens as a TAM
September: Volkan Ogul as a CAM

Next Gen
The developments in IT security go beyond updates of signatures from a database. With Intercept X and Endpoint, Sophos has the bridge between classic protection and next gen protection available from one console. Combined with Sophos next gen firewall, this provides the most optimal protection against the dangers of today and tomorrow.

*Declared by Gartner in their report.

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