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Ransomware is by far the number one buzzword within the IT security community for 2016 and promises to be one the most highly discussed topics in 2017 as well. This business-paralyzing problem is claiming hundreds if not thousands of victims everyday and most organizations don’t know how to stop the threat. Our partners do. As Sophos now offers the only and the best anti-ransomware (and anti-hacker, anti-exploit) tool on the market with Sophos Intercept X, the time of fear is over and the time of arming yourselves is here.

Together with our partners and distributors throughout the Benelux, Sophos is hosting a large number of seminars, workshops, webinars, training sessions, etcetera…

Have a look below when and where you can attend one of our sessions or that of one of our preferred partners.

Ransomware events in the Belux region: 

  • November 2nd – Webinar; Don’t have a ransomscare this Halloween
  • November 15th – Sophos Security Day Belgium
  • November 17th – Infodataday (with reseller Infodata)
  • November 22nd – NETSEC cybersecurity conference (with distributor Exclusive Networks) Sophos will give live-demos of Sophos Intercept X
  • November 23rd – Defeating ransomware seminar (with reseller Switchpoint NV/SA) – location: Drongen
  • November 24th – Defeating ransomware seminar (with reseller Switchpoint NV/SA) – location: Duffel

If there’s no link available, then it means you can register via email with the reseller. You can always ask us for more information by sending an email.

Ransomware events in the Netherlands:

Again, if there’s no link available that would be an indication that you can register via the reseller directly (by mail) or you can send us an email to ask for more information.

Be sure to keep an eye out for regular updates on this page.

If you’re looking for tips, tricks, tools or whatever you’d need to raise awareness on the dangers of ransomware within your network, amongst friends or your colleagues than have a look on our website.

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