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The Sophos Partner Rally incentive – who, what, how, when…

Mid-May this year, Sophos BeNeLux announced its first exclusive Sophos Partner Incentive, being the Sophos Partner Rally Incentive. It’s still not too late to register for this incentive. You can still claim your driver’s seat in our Sophos Partner Rally Clinic.

We feel it’s important to show you how important you are to us as a Sophos Partner. So to celebrate our successes together, you get to learn how to race a rally car and get to race yourself. Does that sound like something you’d want to miss?

What is the Sophos Partner Rally Incentive?

For a first time, Sophos has set up an initiative in which a partner can win an exclusive partner experience during an entire day together with Sophos. And this isn’t just any incentive.

The Sophos Partner Rally experience?

An entire day of rally driving in a real rally race car topped off with a nice barbecue and drinks. The dates for the Partner Rally Clinic have been set on September 22nd and 23rd (we’ll divide the winners over these two days). As this day is all about you and having a fun experience, there’s no catch! No corporate presentations, no product talks or whatsoever. Just you, us, an amazing car and loads of fun and adrenaline!

The program of the day:

Just to give you a taste of what we’ll be doing, here’s a glimpse at the program throughout the day:

  • 9.00AM – Start of the day
  • 10.00AM – Driving, accelerating, breaking, turning with an instructor
  • 12.00AM – Lunch
  • 1.30PM – Driving a rally test, testing what you learned in the morning with instructor
  • 3.00PM – Time trial without instructor
  • 4.00PM – End of the day with award ceremony and BBQ

What will you be driving? A Mitsubishi Lancer Evo (here’s an image of the car to get a better idea of what kind of car it is).

Sophos Partner Rally

Is it too late to register?

No, not at all! Although the incentive has been running for some time, you can still claim your driver’s seat as there are three categories through which you can claim your prize:

  • Generating the highest revenue within the incentive period: With just one or two nice deals, you can place yourself in the top 10 qualifying partners for this category
  • Selling the most cloud licenses: If you sell a Complete Security Cloud deal (so Cloud Advanced with Server Protection), you’ll be making big leaps within the rankings – getting you into the top 10 qualifying partners for this category
  • Most social media attention using #SophosPartnerRally: There are still victories to be made here. We’ve got some partners already doing their best to tweet and post using the hashtag, but you can still win your spot by focusing on #SophosPartnerRally for the next three weeks.

Need some help?

We’ve got you covered. You can find several sales tools you need on our Sophos Partner Portal. Just to give you another thought: we’ve recently organized our Sophos Partner Conference at which there were several presentations on Sophos Cloud. You can find these presentations in our related Partner blog-article.

Need tools or help that you can’t find on our Partner Portal? Give a shout out to our marketing department. They’ll know how to help!

Where can I register?


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