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Sophos DNS Protection is now available

Sophos DNS Protection is available to all licensed Sophos Firewall customers who have the Xstream Protection bundle.

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of Sophos DNS Protection. This cloud-based service, managed via Sophos Central, provides an added layer of network protection and is available at no extra charge to all Xstream Protection licensed Sophos Firewall customers.

Great value for Sophos Firewall customers

Sophos DNS Protection adds tremendous new value for our Sophos Firewall customers, who can take advantage of this protection at no extra charge as it’s part of our Xstream Protection Bundle. It enables you to potentially consolidate and save from using another third-party DNS provider or start using a great DNS protection solution without having to pay extra.

What you get: enhanced internet and web security

Sophos DNS Protection adds another layer of security to every network. It works to instantly block access to unsafe and unwanted domains across all ports, protocols, and applications at the earliest opportunity – from both managed and unmanaged devices. DNS protection perfectly complements and augments your existing network security and policy enforcement tools. Sophos DNS Protection can be deployed in just a few minutes.

Sophos DNS Protection is a globally accessible domain name resolution service with integrated policy controls and reporting in Sophos Central. Sophos DNS Protection is backed by SophosLabs’ AI-powered threat intelligence, providing real-time world-wide protection from high-risk domains. As soon as a malicious domain is discovered, it is shared across customers instantly, providing immediate protection for all.  By using Sophos DNS Protection in place of your existing public DNS resolver, you can prevent any devices on your network from accessing domains associated with security threats and other unwanted websites controlled through policy.

Sophos DNS Protection provides quick and easy policy configuration with just a few clicks.

Protection for networks

Access to the Sophos DNS Resolver is based on the originating public IPv4 address of the DNS queries. Hence, protecting individual devices for remote workers that move from network to network (or site to site) is not viable at this time.

Dynamic IP addresses are supported when used with a dynamic DNS provider.

Integrated dashboarding and reporting

Sophos DNS Protection also provides in-depth visibility into the domains visited from your network, with comprehensive dashboarding and reporting.

Dashboard widgets show important statistics at a glance.

Full reporting with all the same options as Central Firewall Reporting Advanced is also included:

Cross-product integration

Sophos DNS Protection’s log data and intelligence are also shared with the Sophos data lake for Sophos XDR and MDR threat-hunting analysts to help detect active adversaries and threats operating on the network.

Getting started

Sophos DNS Protection is available at no additional charge to all licensed Sophos Firewall customers who have the Xstream Protection bundle. If you need to upgrade your license, speak to your Sophos partner or representative.

Getting started with Sophos DNS Protection is easy: simply add locations, set DNS settings, create a policy, and go! Watch this video to see the steps for yourself:

To ensure a great customer experience, DNS Protection will be made available in stages over the coming weeks. If you have a Sophos Firewall with Xstream protection and don’t yet see it in Sophos Central right away, please be patient while we ramp up availability. 

Consult the full documentation for additional information. And if you don’t yet have a Sophos Firewall, get started today with a free trial!

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