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Sophos Firewall Once Again Recognized as the #1 Firewall Solution by G2 Users

Top rated based on a high customer satisfaction score and large market presence

G2 just released its Spring 2024 Reports, where Sophos Firewall has once again been rated the #1 firewall solution. This marks the fifth G2 seasonal report in a row for this prestigious distinction.

G2 rankings are based on independent, verified customer reviews on, the world’s largest software marketplace and peer-review platform. Additionally, Sophos Firewall was rated the #1 firewall in the Enterprise and Mid-Market grids.

Sophos Firewall tops the chart with a 4.6 rating out of 5 stars by IT Professionals:

What Sophos Firewall users are saying

“Sophos XGS Series firewalls combine the best of two worlds: the flexibility of a high-performance, multi-core CPU for deep-packet inspection, plus the performance benefits of a dedicated Xstream Flow Processor for intelligent application acceleration” said a user in the Mid-Market segment.

“To be straightforward, this firewall is “full of features” as a security package with Synchronized Security, ATP, Zero-Day, UTQ, SD-WAN and much more key features to protect the organization” said a Technical Consultant in the Mid-Market segment.

“Superb Security at gateway level.”

“The best part of the Sophos firewall is the tight integration with their security platform.”

“A powerful, reliable and secure Firewall with excellent integration with other products and services.”

It’s perhaps not surprising that Sophos Firewall continues to be at the top in customer satisfaction as we continually add new capabilities to enhance protection and performance, automate threat response, support working from anywhere, and integrate and consolidate our platform to make the administration experience easier. Check out our Sophos Firewall v20 release for a few examples of how we’re continuing to push the envelope of what a firewall can do.

As you can see from the reviews on G2, one aspect many customers appreciate is the ability to consolidate their cybersecurity solutions to reduce vendors, products, management consoles, and desktop agents. No one does this better than Sophos. Our uniquely integrated platform of cybersecurity solutions and services provides a force multiplier for security teams.

As an example, we recently launched Active Threat Response, which has Sophos Firewall working automatically with other Sophos products to automatically isolate active threats on the network to prevent lateral movement. And we’ve also recently integrated zero-trust network access into Sophos Firewall, making the switch to ZTNA for remote workers as easy as possible for Sophos Firewall customers so they can get all the security and management benefits that come with that.

Be sure to check out the full reviews on and if you’re new to Sophos Firewall, check out the product yourself for free.

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