Sophos Sponsors Scholarships To Celebrate Black History Month

The funding will help aspiring future engineering talent.

To mark Black History Month, Sophos is proud to announce our contribution to the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) scholarship fund.

Each year the NBSE help fund around 125 African American students, from high school seniors to graduate students, in a wide range of engineering programs, significantly increasing their graduation prospects.

Through this investment in education, our aim is to contribute to a more equitable future and empower the next generation of leaders.

Previously, we have organized workshops, webinars, and speaker sessions featuring thought leaders and experts who shared insights on the significance of Black History Month and Juneteenth helping to raise awareness, encourage dialogue, and deepen understanding among our diverse team around the globe. And so, this year we are pleased to continue our commitment to making a lasting impact through the funding of these NBSE scholarships.

At Sophos, we firmly believe that creating a workplace valuing diversity and actively promoting education is not just a responsibility but also a catalyst for positive change.

Sophos’ Diversity and Inclusion Networks provide an open forum for employees to meet and support one another and strengthen the sense of belonging at Sophos The networks, including our Professionals of Color network, are voluntary groups of people that come together based on shared identity, values or lived experiences and participants include employees from traditionally underrepresented groups and their allies. You can find out more about Sophos’ diversity and inclusion networks on our careers website.

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