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NDR for XDR now available in early access

Don’t delay: the early access program runs now through December.

Sophos Network Detection and Response (NDR) monitors activity deep inside the network for suspicious and malicious traffic patterns that endpoints and firewalls can’t see.

Until now, NDR has been exclusively available as an add-on for our MDR service.  But now, NDR is available in early access for Sophos XDR customers to extend their detection capabilities. This is also the perfect opportunity for Sophos MDR customers who haven’t yet purchased NDR to add it to their network for free to better enable our analyst team to discover threats lurking on their network.

Sophos NDR adds new detections and automatic investigation creation based on a variety of new sources, including unknown or unmanaged devices, unauthorized or rogue assets, new and previously unseen command & control traffic, and other suspicious or malicious traffic flows and patterns deep within the network. It’s a perfect complement to Sophos Firewall for detecting network threats.

In summary, here’s who can benefit from this early access program (EAP):

  • Sophos XDR customers (both MSP and term) can try NDR for free during the EAP and help us make the product the best it can be.
  • Sophos MDR customers can also try NDR for free during the EAP as an extended free trial until the end of November.
  • New to Sophos? You can start an XDR free trial today and easily add NDR as part of your free trial.

We will be adding new capabilities such as new dashboards and management console enhancements during the early access program to enrich the experience.

Don’t delay: the early access program runs now through December.

Full details on how you can get started are outlined in this community blog article.

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