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Sophos Central Turns Ten!

The world’s most trusted cybersecurity platform now secures more than 25 million devices

July 29, 2023, is a very exciting milestone for all of us at Sophos as it marks the tenth birthday of Sophos Central, the world’s most popular cloud-based security platform.

Originally called Sophos Cloud, the platform initially supported Sophos Endpoint and Server solutions for customers in the U.S. and UK.

Today Sophos Central manages all Sophos’ market-leading next-gen security services and products for our customers and partners across the world. Users can deploy and manage all their security solutions in one place: from our MDR service and XDR security operations tools, to our endpoint, email and cloud security solutions, and our full network stack.

Central by the Numbers

For those of you who, like me, enjoy putting numbers to things, I’d like to share some current usage stats.

  • Over 432,000 organizations currently use Sophos Central to secure their organization – more than the population of the Bahamas or Iceland
  • 25.7 million devices are hosted in Sophos Central – greater than the combined populations of Sweden, Singapore, and New Zealand!
  • 120 terabytes of data are uploaded to the Sophos data lake every single day – equivalent to 1MB for every person in Japan

Data sovereignty is an important customer consideration with all cloud-based tools. As demand for Sophos Central has grown, so have our data centers: from our initial three in 2013 we now have nine across the EU (x2), U.S. (x2), Canada, Australia, Japan, India, and Brazil.

Delivering Superior Cybersecurity Outcomes

While the numbers demonstrate the popularity of our platform, what I’m most proud of are the tremendous cybersecurity outcomes that Sophos Central delivers for our customers and partners. Organizations running Sophos Central to manage their defenses consistently report protection and efficiency benefits that make a real day-to-day impact, including:

  • 85% reduction in the number of cybersecurity incidents the team needs to deal with
  • 90% reduction in time spent on day-to-day cybersecurity management
  • Doubling the efficiency of the IT team

Sophos Central enables IT teams to stop console-hopping and manage all their security in one place. Should an alert need investigating, you can follow the trail seamlessly across protection technologies to quickly get to the root of the issue and remediate appropriately. User-based policies make it quick and simple to apply consistent approaches across endpoint and network security tools.

We recognize that each organization is different and Sophos Central is a flexible tool that adapts to customer needs. The intuitive dashboards and one-click fixes support stretched IT teams while enterprise-grade features and granularity provide the depth and control security specialists require.

Looking Ahead

While our interface and breadth and depth of capabilities has changed hugely over the last ten years, our passion to elevate usability, utility, and scalability has not.

Over the coming year our dedicated Sophos Central engineering team, partnering with our outstanding product and services teams, will be delivering further leaps forward in customer delighting usability, capability and function; ensuring that we continue to give organizations the very best tools for managing their defenses.

As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, be assured that Sophos Central will continue to be at the heart of Sophos innovation and product and service delivery for the decade to come.





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