Sophos Team Go Wild for Volunteering

Building new aviaries for rescued birds at a wildlife rescue center.

A newly formed Sophos team has spent a day volunteering at Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue Centre in the UK.

The team worked together building new aviaries to house rescued birds in recovery. The aviaries had recently been purchased by the charity following a fundraising campaign in association with local schools.

As a new team, the group wanted a volunteering opportunity that meant they could work together and they decided that construction work seemed like the perfect fit for a group of software engineers!

The day involved clearing the ground, taking down fences, putting the aviaries together and repainting an existing enclosure. Volunteering for the charity made for a very different day for the team – swapping keyboards and whiteboards for power tools, wheelbarrows and spades.

While they worked the team were watched over by recovering fox cubs, ducklings, an owl (which was particularly fascinated by the painting crew) and rescued racing pigeons that now call the centre home.

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At Sophos we care about the health and wellbeing of our teams and supporting the communities in which we do business. We provide our people with opportunities to engage in volunteer work that has a meaningful impact, is personally enriching, and helps us to fulfil what we consider to be our moral obligation to society. Find out more about our social impact philosophy on our careers website.

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