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Sophos Endpoint earns perfect scores in SE Labs Q1 2023 endpoint protection report

Sophos tops the leaderboard – again – for Endpoint Protection.

We’re delighted to share that Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Protection ranked as the industry best in SE Labs’ protection tests in the first quarter of 2023, achieving AAA ratings across the board. In both the Enterprise and SMB categories, we achieved the following:

  • 100% rating for Protection Accuracy
  • 100% rating for Legitimate Accuracy
  • 100% rating for Total Accuracy

Here are the links to the latest reports: Endpoint Security: Enterprise | Endpoint Security: Small Business

Sophos Endpoint: world-leading protection against advanced threats

With decades of cyberthreat intelligence, Sophos designs endpoint protection for real-time defense against modern-day advanced attacks. With a focus on preventing attacks as early as possible, Sophos’ strategy is to deliver multiple layers of protection to defend the entire attack chain against the many different threat vectors that attackers use to escalate and carry out attacks.

This prevention-first approach reduces breaches and improves detection and response. These SE Labs results testify to the superior cybersecurity outcomes enjoyed by over 300,000 organizations that trust Sophos for their endpoint security.

“Sophos produced extremely good results due to a combination of their ability to block malicious URLs, handle exploits and correctly classify legitimate applications and websites”

– SE Labs

The need to simulate modern-day attacks

Reputable third-party testing is an important tool to help organizations make informed decisions about their technology stacks and security investments. However, as attacks increase in volume and complexity, meaningful results can only be achieved when the tests reflect organizations’ real-world realities.

SE Labs is one of the few security testers in the industry that simulates modern-day attack tools and the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that cybercriminals and penetration testers use in the real world.

As Simon Edwards, CEO of SE Labs, explains:

“It is essential for organizations to be able to rely on credible, full attack chain tests that duplicate real-world scenarios. It is not only about throwing a wider range of attacks at the products, but each step of the attack must be realistic too. You can’t just make up what you think attackers are doing and hope you’re right. This is why SE Labs tracks cybercriminal behaviors and builds tests based on how attackers try to compromise victims.”

Test drive Sophos Endpoint for yourself

Sophos Endpoint secures over 300,000 organizations worldwide from active adversaries, ransomware, phishing, malware, and more. Please speak to our security advisers to discuss how we can help you, and take a test drive today.

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