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Sophos MDR service now integrates vendor agnostic telemetry

Our analysts can now detect and respond to advanced, human-led attacks across the entire security environment using the Sophos and third-party tools organizations already have in place.

Today, Sophos has announced the general availability of Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) with new industry-leading threat detection and response capabilities. Sophos is the first endpoint security provider to integrate vendor agnostic telemetry from third-party security technologies into its MDR offering, providing unprecedented visibility and detection across diverse operating environments.

With Sophos MDR, customers can choose to use Sophos’ best-of-breed security technologies, third-party solutions, or a combination of the two. Telemetry from across the customer environment is automatically consolidated, correlated and prioritized with insights from the Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem and the Sophos X-Ops threat intelligence unit to accelerate threat detection, investigation and response and deliver superior cybersecurity outcomes.

Elevating protection against ransomware and breaches

The only way to reliably detect and neutralize determined attackers who increasingly combine the use of pentesting tools, stolen credentials, and other stealthy tactics to maneuver undetected is with 24×7 eyes on glass, operating on signals from a diversity of event sources and employing actionable threat intelligence into real-time attacker behaviors.

Organizations are struggling to keep pace with well-funded adversaries who are continuously innovating and industrializing their ability to evade defensive technologies alone. Sophos MDR discovers and intercepts these steps before they result in a data breach, ransomware, or other type of costly compromise.

The more we see, the faster we act. By leveraging the endpoint, network, email, firewall, cloud, and identity technologies that organizations already have in place to accelerate threat detection and response, Sophos MDR reduces cyber risk while increasing return on existing security investments.  

Case study: An attempted breach

The well-attended early access program (EAP) for the newly expanded MDR service has already demonstrated the tremendous security outcomes that can be achieved by combining the Sophos MDR team’s threat detection, investigation and response expertise with Sophos and third-party telemetry. In one recent case involving credential theft, a common technique that allows adversaries to impersonate legitimate users, Sophos MDR leveraged information from the customer’s third-party email security investment to detect and respond to an attempted breach. Read the full story here.

Sophos Breach Protection Warranty

Sophos MDR customers already enjoy tremendous peace of mind from using our service. Today, we are extending that reassurance and our skin-in-the-game yet further with the new Sophos Breach Protection Warranty that covers up to $1 million in response expenses for organizations protected by Sophos MDR Complete, our most comprehensive MDR offering. The Sophos Breach Protection Warranty is automatically included with all purchases and renewals of Sophos MDR Complete annual subscriptions through Sophos’ extensive reseller partner network, and it is underwritten by Sophos.

Get started today

Sophos MDR is taking the market by storm. More than 13,000 organizations already rely on Sophos for 24/7 threat detection, investigation, and response, making it the world’s most trusted MDR service. Visit our website to learn more about both our service and third-party integrations and arrange a call with a Sophos security adviser.

Recognizing their commitment to Sophos, all existing Managed Threat Response customers have been automatically upgraded to Sophos MDR Complete, our new top tier offering, at no charge, and can start taking advantage of both complimentary (for Sophos and Microsoft technologies) and add-on Integration Packs to expand threat detection and response across their full ecosystem today. To get started, reach out to your Sophos representative or partner.


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