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Sophos Firewall v19.5 hosts and services search

Start taking advantage of all the great new features in SFOS v19.5 today.

In this ongoing series of articles about the great new features in SFOS v19.5, we’ve covered SD-WAN Load Balancing, Xstream TLS FastPath, Azure AD integration, and now this week, hosts and services search.

Enhanced search capabilities

As you may recall, we added important new search capabilities to Sophos Firewall with the v19 release, including the ability to search for any setting or configuration item in the system, and also enhanced network object search when building rules:

In v19.5 you can now search all the objects among hosts and services by name, type, or value using the new search bar at the top of each screen:

This is one of our top requested features. It makes it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for so you can avoid creating duplicate objects.

Watch this short video for a full demo of the new search capabilities:

Check out all the new features in v19.5

Sophos Firewall OS v19.5 includes a ton of great new capabilities. Check out the full list of what’s new in this What’s New PDF download.

SFOS v19.5 early access

Check out all the great new features in SFOS v19.5 today and help us make this release the best it can be by participating in the early access program. Visit the SFOS v19.5 EAP registration page to get started.

Sophos Firewall OS v19.5 EAP1 is a fully supported upgrade from any v18.5 firmware as well as v19, including the very recent v19 MR1 build 365 release.

Once you’re up and running, please provide feedback through your Sophos Firewall’s feedback mechanism (top right of every screen on your Firewall). Also visit our EAP community forums to share your experiences with others.

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