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CISO Webinar: How to get the most from your MDR partner

Listen to a panel of security leaders share lessons learned and stories of how to effectively integrate managed detection and response (MDR) into your organization.

In this recorded webinar, you’ll hear from Bob Pellerin, Director of Information Security at The Fresh Market; Nikhil Kalani, VP and CISO at Reynolds & Reynolds; and Sophos CISO, Ross McKerchar. The webinar is hosted by Sophos VP of Product Marketing, Marty Ward.

Here’s an outline of the webinar if you’d like to skip around to specific topics:

  • Defining MDR: 01:25
  • Bob Pellerin on why The Fresh Market chose an MDR partner: 02:30
  • Nikhil Kalani on questions to ask yourself when considering an MDR provider: 06:21
  • Ross McKercher on Sophos’ internal security program: 09:15
  • How organizations benefit from MDR partners’ specialized skillsets: 10:3424:53 | 31:14
  • Deciding between a do-it-yourself, fully managed, or collaborative/hybrid approach: 13:32 | 38:49
  • The process of onboarding an MDR partner: 16:11
    • Expectations, skill sharing, and complementary roles between organizations and MDR providers: 18:09
    • Integrating an MDR partner into your organization’s internal processes: 28:35
  • Collaborating with an MDR partner when there’s an incident: 23:06 | 30:06 | 38:08
    • “Quiet-time” collaboration vs. active incident collaboration: 26:04
  • Measuring results from your MDR partner: 32:38 | 39:55

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