Sophos Employee Volunteers at Swiss Mountain Farm

A Sophos employee from our team in Switzerland was able to fulfil a long-term ambition and also assist an alpine farming family.

Using his Sophos volunteering days he was able to volunteer through Caritas Switzerland’s Mountain Action project to make this goal a reality.

The project supports mountain farmers in distress and in need of labour at short notice and involved spending a week on a farm which can only be maintained with manual labour on the steep terrain of the Swiss alps.

Activities on the farm included long days cleaning the barn, haying, baling hay, and guarding mother cows with their calves from wolves that live close to the farm.

For over 40 years, mountain farming families have been able to count on the support of Caritas Switzerland. In emergency situations, for instance an accident in the family, or during the busy summer months, Caritas Switzerland arrange help from volunteers to affected families quickly and without complication.

Caritas Switzerland is a member of the international Caritas network which includes organisations in 165 countries worldwide. Caritas is active worldwide in development aid and social services and can provide emergency aid quickly and according to need, especially in the event of disasters.

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At Sophos we care about health and wellbeing, the communities in which we do business, and a sustainable environment. We provide opportunities to engage in volunteer work that has a meaningful impact, is personally enriching, and helps us to fulfil what we consider to be our moral obligation to society.

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