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What is zero trust and why is ZTNA so important?

Trust is a dangerous word in IT, especially when that trust is granted without much consideration: when it’s implied, or when it’s never questioned.

Creating a sealed-off perimeter where everything and everyone within the network is fully trusted has proven to be a flawed design. Yet, that’s how many networks are still implemented today.

Anyone with access to the network, either physically or via VPN, has broad access to everything on that network regardless of who they are, or what state their device is in.

There’s got to be a better way, right?  Well, there is. It’s called zero trust… or trust nothing, verify everything… continuously.

With zero trust, nothing is implicitly trusted. Trust has to be earned – constantly.  Zero trust is a very simple and elegant way of micro-segmenting the network so that only users who prove their identity and have compliant devices can access only very specific resources – and NOT the whole network.  This has tremendous benefits for security.

Watch this short 3-minute video to learn more about why zero trust is so important:

Sophos ZTNA

Sophos ZTNA utilizes the principles of zero trust to provide workers with secure access to the networked applications, data, and systems they need to do their jobs… no matter where they’re located.

It’s just a better way of providing network access for remote workers, with greatly enhanced security, easier management, and a much more transparent end-user experience compared to old-school VPN.

And it’s the only ZTNA solution that’s tightly integrated with next-gen endpoint protection for a single-agent, single-console, single-vendor solution for all your remote workers’ protection and connectivity needs.

Check it out at

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