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Sophos Cloud Optix is now available in the EU

Sophos Cloud Optix is now available to all Sophos customers and partners from our Sophos Central EU data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

We’re delighted to announce that Sophos Cloud Optix is now available from our Sophos Central EU data center located in Frankfurt, Germany. Sophos Central is the cloud-based management platform that supports our portfolio of advanced, next-gen security products.

Cloud infrastructure security

Cloud Optix, Sophos’ agentless cloud infrastructure security solution, goes beyond cloud security posture management. It provides a range of cloud-native security capabilities in one solution and all from one single console.

Cloud Optix features cloud security posture management, Kubernetes security posture management, container image scanning, infrastructure-as-code scanning, cloud infrastructure entitlements management, and cloud spend monitoring to ensure accurate visibility, security, and compliance across multi-cloud environments.

Integrated with Cloud Workload Protection

To better support organizations in designing secure public cloud environments, Sophos includes Cloud Optix Standard as part of Sophos Cloud Workload Protection. Cloud Workload Protection provides complete visibility into host and container workloads, identifying malware, exploits, and anomalous behavior before they get a foothold.

The inclusion of Cloud Optix Standard enables organizations to achieve visibility of their wider cloud environments:

  • Proactively identifying unsanctioned activity and misconfigurations across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Continuous discovery of cloud resources with detailed inventory and visibility of Sophos host protection and Sophos Firewall deployments
  • Automated security best practice assessments to detect gaps in posture as well as identify quick wins and critical issues
  • Detection of high-risk anomalies in user IAM role behavior, pinpointing unusual access patterns, locations, and malicious behaviors quickly to prevent a breach

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