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Intercept X named best Enterprise Endpoint Protection by SE Labs

We are thrilled to announce that Sophos Intercept X has been named as the Best Enterprise Endpoint Solution in the SE Labs 2021 Annual Report. This fantastic achievement follows Intercept X receiving Best Small Business Endpoint Solution for two years running in SE Labs 2019-2020 Annual Reports. We believe this recognition is due to our combination of prevention, detection and response that blocks threats before they impact your environment.

Get industry leading protection

Sophos Intercept X gives your organization powerful protection against the very latest threats.

Stop threats early

Neutralizing an attack before it impacts your environment is key, not relying solely on manual investigation and response.

  • Reduce the attack surface. Control apps and devices, block risky websites and PUAs and neutralize malware even when it hasn’t been seen before
  • Stop ransomware. Block malicious encryption processes and rollback affected files to a safe state
  • Lock down exploit techniques. Stop exploits frequently used by attackers such as privilege escalation and credential dumping

Minimize time to detect

When investigating suspicious activity or IT operations issues, breadth of data and context are vital for making quick, informed decisions.

  • Eliminate noise. A strong layer of automated defenses means there is less to investigate, saving you time
  • Prioritize effectively. Utilize a prioritized list of suspicious items for investigation with guided actions for faster response
  • See your entire environment. Native integration of endpoint, server, firewall, email, and cloud data sources means you see everything that happens in your organization

Minimize time to respond

Speed is of the essence when dealing with an active threat, making automated responses crucial.

  • Respond automatically. Detected threats are automatically cleaned up and a threat case generated
  • Get products that collaborate. Cross-product integrations will automatically isolate compromised devices, show all active applications, lock out WiFi connections and more
  • Rest easy with managed security. Choose a fully managed 24/7 security service run by Sophos cybersecurity experts

Take a free trial or learn more about Intercept X.


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