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The AI-driven SOC

Join Josh Saxe’s keynote session at the Sophos Cybersecurity Summit on December 1st, 2021

In the SOC of the future, AI will anticipate operators’ intentions and suggest relevant actions to users. This approach will dramatically accelerate operators’ security workflows and, in turn, their ability to detect and respond to threats.

Join Josh Saxe, Sophos Chief Scientist, at the Sophos Cybersecurity Summit  on December 1st 2021 to hear him share the pioneering approaches the Sophos data science teams are using to turn this vision into reality. Josh will also be taking live questions after his presentation.

  • EMEA session: 12:30 GMT, 13:30 CET/WAT, 18:00 IST. Register
  • Americas session: 11.30 PST, 14:30 EST. Register

Timings are approximate and subject to slight change as this is a live event

Josh will explain how AI, trained on large scale user-behavioral data, will integrate into SOC workflows to elevate security and operator efficiency. He’ll also share how his team is leveraging the threat hunting and incident response expertise of the specialist operators in Sophos SecOps to help deliver the AI-driven SOC.

 Sophos Cybersecurity Summit 2021 – December 1st – Register Today

The AI-driven SOC is one of the sessions at the Sophos 2021 Cybersecurity Summit. With thought-provoking sessions delivered by experts from Forrester, IDC, Sophos and more, you’ll gain real-world insights and strategies to elevate your security posture and take you safely into 2022 and beyond.

Cybersecurity 2022: Top emerging technologies and risks Stephanie Balaouras, VP, Group Director, Forrester

Renee Murphy, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Discover top technologies security leaders will need to secure and manage in 2022 and get practical strategies and tools to mitigate the risks they present. You’ll also learn about the external security events with the potential to impact your business next year, and steps you can take to address them.
Stop more threats, faster ​ Raja Patel, SVP, Sophos This session will provide security leaders with short-and long-term approaches to elevate their defenses and deliver better security outcomes in the real world.
Sophos Threat Report 2022 Chester Wisniewski, Principal Research Scientist, Sophos Discover the major threat trends and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by attackers that will impact businesses in 2022.
Defending at the frontline

Live panel discussion

Michelle Farenci, IS Engineer, Sophos, Chester Wisniewski​, and guests Hear from cybersecurity practitioners operating at the front line as they discuss the realities they face when defending their organizations.
Are people redundant? The future role of humans in delivering cybersecurity​ Chris Kissel, Research Director, IDC This session explores how the growing use of AI and automation in cybersecurity impacts human operators, and how the role of  the cybersecurity professional is changing.
The AI-driven SOC​ Josh Saxe, Chief Scientist,  Sophos


Josh will also share the pioneering approaches the Sophos data science teams are using to turn this vision into reality, leveraging the threat hunting and incident response expertise of Sophos SecOps.
Attracting Gen Z and Gen Alpha: Your future cybersecurity workforce Kyla Guru, Gen Z Cybersecurity Leader
& Social Entrepreneur, Bits’n’Bytes
Kyla will share her unique perspective on how to appeal to Gen Z and Gen Alpha, and the radical strategies organizations need to adopt to secure their future cybersecurity staffing pipeline.


The summit will run twice over December 1st to cover both EMEA and Americas time zones. Register your place today!

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