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Introducing Sophos Spark, an accelerator program for the global startup community

I am thrilled to announce the launch of Sophos Spark – an accelerator program for the global startup community.

Aimed at promising young organizations, the initiative is designed to accelerate innovation through collaboration.

Sophos has worked closely with cybersecurity vendors for over a decade, licensing critical technology components. This has allowed other vendors to supplement their own security solutions through the integration of Sophos anti-malware or Threat Intelligence, for example.

Startups represent a critical part of developing new technologies that will tomorrow protect users, businesses and assets. As an extension of its current OEM licensing, Sophos is thrilled to focus on young companies and help them reach their goals faster.

In working with early-stage startups, Sophos Spark provides exclusive cybersecurity resources and mentoring, ensuring rapid and secure product development for disruptive ideas.

“At Glimps, we have developed a detection and analysis solution that helps businesses and administration improve their threat detection and classification capabilities through our unique Deep Learning technology and a wide range of platforms. With Sophos Spark, we have found an initiative focused on the unique needs of startups – access to advanced technologies that enable faster time to market, direct communication with other cybersecurity experts and a flexible business model.”

– Cyrille Vignon, CEO, Glimps

What does Sophos Spark offer to startups?

  • Cutting-edge cybersecurity: Access to leading OEM technologies such as anti-malware SDKs, threat intelligence as well as our latest innovations in AI development
  • Dedicated OEM resources: Integration expertise coupled with technical and business validation
  • Exclusive licensing: Flexible commercial models designed specifically for the startup community

What does Sophos look for in a startup?

Early-stage startups that meet the following criteria:

  • Unique IP with substantial market opportunity
  • Growth stage with Series A funding or similar
  • Experienced management team

I welcome interested startups to explore more on the program by applying here –

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