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S3 Ep50: Two 0-days plus another 0-day plus a fast food bug [Podcast]

Bugs! So many bugs! Latest episode - listen now...

[01’28”] Apple patches two zero-day bugs.
[09’25”] Microsoft patches one zero-day bug.
[15’49”] A security researcher finds a fast-food bug (non-insect sort).
[23’04”] Oh! No! A touchpad user turns right into left, and vice versa.

(See also: Big Office bug squashed for September 2021 Patch Tuesday.)

With Paul Ducklin and Doug Aamoth. Intro and outro music by Edith Mudge.


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Ladybugs are helpful bugs. We are offended that you used their image to illustrate your point about software bugs. Good day, sir!


In British and Commonwealth English they are known by what is IMO the much more delightful name of ladybirds.

Anyway, who says they’re in the image as an illustration of software bugs?

Early on, the podcast clearly mentions *real* flying bugs (moths, admittedly, not ladybirds), before switching to their metaphorical cousins.

The moth allusion refers to last week’s podcast, where Doug told the legendary computer science story of how a *real* bug caused a very early computer to crash, and how its dead body was duly extracted from the hardware where it had caused a short circuit, so it could literally be placed into the logbook. (Today it would be a mobile phone snapshot uploaded to a GitHub change log, but in the 1940s they had actual lobooks, so they used the actual bug as evidence.)


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