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Secure SD-WAN with XG Firewall and Azure Virtual WAN

You can now utilize XG Firewall to build a complete SD-WAN overlay network in Microsoft Azure’s Virtual WAN, enabling seamless connectivity between workloads, hosts, and locations connected to Azure’s global virtual network.

Azure Virtual WAN is a networking service that brings many networking, security, and routing functionalities together to provide a single operational SD-WAN network. The Virtual WAN architecture is a hub and spoke architecture, with scale and performance built in for branches (VPN/SD-WAN devices), users (Azure VPN/OpenVPN/IKEv2 clients), ExpressRoute circuits, and virtual networks.

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It enables a global transit network architecture, where the cloud-hosted network “hub” enables connectivity between points that may be distributed across different types of “spokes”.

Azure regions serve as the SD-WAN hubs, which are fully mesh-connected, making it easy to use the Microsoft backbone for any-to-any type of connectivity.

XG Firewall’s integration with Azure Virtual WAN enables you to build a scalable SD-WAN network deployed across the global Microsoft enterprise WAN backbone, while utilizing XG Firewall’s full suite of protection capabilities for securing applications and traffic flows. This greatly simplifies connectivity and can dramatically reduce expenses compared to traditional leased-lines.

If you’re interested in leveraging Azure Virtual WAN with your XG Firewall, we’ve prepared an extensive deployment guide:  How to Integrate XG Firewall with Azure Virtual WAN (Secure SD-WAN)

This guide highlights the step-by-step configuration involved in connecting XG Firewalls located at an HQ to an Azure Virtual WAN hub in order to access the virtual networks across multiple availability zones. It also outlines the configuration required for connecting remote offices to the virtual WAN and backhauling traffic through Microsoft’s global network to create the ultimate SD-WAN solution.

If you’re new to XG Firewall, learn more about how XG Firewall can help with your SD-WAN ambitions and goals.

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