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Naked Security Live – HAFNIUM explained in plain English

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The word “Hafnium” can refer [a] to a gang currently involved in a bunch of attacks, [b] to the exploits they’re using at the moment, and [c] to the malware they are deploying after they get in.

Lots of things to think about – we run you through them all:

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That curtain background is atrocious . Don’t change them. That’s your brand now.


I wasn’t planning on changing them. They are ecologically functional (they provide excellent and purposeful insulation of heat, light and sound) and semantically unintrusive (they do not contain or convey any message, hidden or overt, that I can determine, nor even have any colours that or shapes that might be judged “loud”). Therefore they pass the mostly harmless acceptance test and they are going nowhere!


@Paul: and your hair looks so “Led Zeppelinesque” – great (retro) outlook… Your the best Paul !
Cheers from Görmänie


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