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S3 Ep16: Darkweb bust, security at home, and browser snoopage [Podcast]

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Anonymous and private, yet busted – we explain how darkweb sites sometimes keep your secrets… and sometimes don’t. We help you improve your cybersecurity at home. And we tell you the tale of a company with a cool name but allegedly with creepy habits coded into its browser extensions.

With Kimberly Truong, Doug Aamoth and Paul Ducklin.

Intro and outro music: Edith Mudge.


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Well done guys.
Especially for mentioning individual logons for users. I have always insisted on this on our home computers even after questioning from the whole famn damily.
I simply ask whether or not they want to have their precious photos or documents mixed up with those of their siblings in the Windows or Linux laptops’ pictures folder. Eyes widen when they consider the implications of possibly not being able to find their favourite pictures or documents or having them viewed by a sibling.
They know enough to create their own folders but these are still wide open unless they have their own account on the computer.


Having trouble finding a text version. not all of us can listen to podcasts at work, you know.


Our podcasts aren’t meant for reading. Spoken and written English are effectively two different languages, and podcasts simply don’t make good or useful reading material.

We know that transcripts don’t really serve much purpose because when we’ve experimented with transcripts in the past (the job inevtiably falls to me, and as I am not a stenographer it really *does* take a long time!)…

…we’ve typically had 20 page views of the transcript altogether, and that’s in a good week following comments assuring us that transcripts were of the utmost importance.

Indeed, the podcasts exist because a significant minority of our readers also like to consume content in other ways, and like us to produce content in formats other than plain written form, including videos (we do a Naked Security Live talk online every Friday) and podcasts.

Almost all of the material we discuss is stuff we have already written about, and we include links for those who prefer to read rather than listen.

The podcasts are specifically intended for those who prefer to listen instead or as well as to read, and many of our listeners – perhaps even a majority – don’t actually listen while they’re at work; they listen when they can sit back and relax. (Some of our listeners even comment to say, “Podcast topics look great – I’m saving it for the weekend.” A year ago, of course, they might have listened during their commute, but a lot of people no longer have one of those.)



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